Corporate Identity

You can stand out from your competitors and reflect your corporate identity by increasing the recognition and retention of your brand with the proper corporate identity work to reflect your brand. Take a look at our solutions that we have presented to you.

Corporate identity is the most effective method that enables your brand to be better understood and recognized by your customers. How would you like to cooperate with professionals for a corporate identity work that will reflect your brand spirit and corporate identity while addressing your customers? Limund supports you with solutions that make a difference in this regard.

It is equally important to ensure that your brand is memorable while reflecting your corporate identity. For this reason, corporate identity is not only to achieve integrity in design, but also to provide the right solutions for your customers by analyzing customer needs and expectations correctly. Successfully integrating your brand, colors and message is a must for your corporate identity design. As a brand that is considering redesigning a new brand or identity, you should apply to our professional solutions.

Corporate Identity Studies

Meeting your expectations and reflecting your brand in corporate identity works is only possible with the right designs. At the same time, what will be included in the design work also depends on the message you want to convey. Limund aims to meet you with the right options by meticulously handling all your requests.

Logo design

Since the logo directly reflects the identity of the brands, it is one of the most thought and difficult issues to decide. At this point, you can apply for the Limund privilege in order to reach professional solutions on brand identity, which is considered very valuable. Designing a work that reflects the brand, color and message very well, Limund also aims to put individuality at the forefront.

Business Card Design

Another corporate identity matter that will reflect your brand and message is the business card. Business cards are special cards that employees use to represent your brand. The quality of these design elements, on which the logo and contact information are located, reflects the corporateness and quality of the brand. Limund also produces special solutions for you in your business card designs.

Letterhead and Other Designs

The corporate identity process is not limited to logo and business card related works. At this point, Limund, which offers corporate solutions, strives to have a higher quality identity design for your brand. You have to make the right choice for the identity you want to create as a result of a process where brand, color and all other elements are perfectly integrated.
Limund is your most valuable business partner in the design process and in providing quality-oriented solutions. Take action to open the door to a great business partnership!

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